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In the Bloom with Maria: Adding potted plants to ceremony aisles is a new trend—and a new safety concern

In the bloom with MariaFloral arrangements at weddings are taking a turn. As Hortica Retail Sales Specialist Maria Shepherd discovered, creating larger-than-life centerpiece potted arrangements along the center aisle can uniquely transform and define a ceremony space—but can also increase your liability risks.

In the article, “Trending Now: Wedding Ceremony Aisles Lined with Potted Plants,” published in Martha Stewart Weddings, author Sarah Schreiber talks about the new decorating trend. She found having potted plants along ceremony aisles has become one of the most predominant requests of the past year. No matter the size, potted aisle displays can transform a service space into a verdant garden to exchange vows in. Like the rest of the décor, the arrangements bring a touch of color and seasonality—and look good doing it.

Event checklist

If you’re planning on integrating this new trend into your displays, you’ll need to pay special attention to the aisle footprint and spacing between pews or chairs. Overgrown and elaborate displays can squeeze and narrow the aisle and adjacent walkways to guest seating.

Be aware of the potential for slips and falls caused by overhanging plants, props, and bowls. Moisture from moss or overspray can quickly create slippery flooring. Whatever the scale of the event, make sure you address safety. Have a safety plan that considers:

  • Scale, type, and scope of the event
  • Type and size of the crowd you expect
  • Location
  • Length of the event
  • Time of day

If your event includes building temporary structures like stages, archways, and marquees, address any additional safety issues that apply.

Insurance coverage

Make sure your insurance is up-to-date and provides you the coverage you need. Discuss any coverage changes with your agent. And contact Hortica if you have any questions about properly insuring your event or your coverage details and options.

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