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Key Partner: L.L. Klink and Midwest Greenhouse Supply help provide solutions for the greenhouse industry

Greenhouse ceilingOur Key Partner for the month is a partnership in its own right—L.L. Klink and Midwest Greenhouse Supply (MGS). These two, along with Consolidated Greenhouse Solutions, work under the banner of LLK Greenhouse Solutions and offer fully integrated, turn-key, self-performed greenhouse services. Their approach is focused on identifying customers’ goals, then developing and executing the necessary solutions to achieve them.

L.L. Klink is a national greenhouse sales and service provider headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, serving the greenhouse industry for more than 80 years. The core business was originally built on emergency repair and recovery. Now, the company also offers solutions focused on helping commercial, institutional, and other greenhouse operators compete more successfully. Their experience allows them to take on many projects, including commercial and institutional greenhouse design, project management, manufacturing, build out, maintenance, and emergency repair.

Midwest Greenhouse Supply (MGS) serves the greenhouse industry in a variety of areas—including commercial, institutional, and research. The company prides itself on offering standard or custom greenhouse structural products and services. Through a partnership approach, they focus on identifying the needs of customers and implementing products and services that yield improved greenhouse functionality and results.

In 2016, Hortica partnered with MGS to launch a solution-based glazing program that’s customized to meet desired outcomes at discounts of up to 30 percent. This member-only program also provides Hortica customers the option to have their discounted covering installed by Midwest Greenhouse Supply’s parent company, L.L. Klink. This holistic solution creates the only self­-performed supply and installation service in the marketplace. It includes:

  • Customized greenhouse coverings
  • Professional installation (upon request)
  • Development of a maintenance plan


For more information about the glazing program, or how to get started on a greenhouse maintenance program, talk to your Hortica agent. Also, check out this article on greenhouse safety featuring L.L. Klink and Hortica.

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