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In the Bloom with Maria: The new leader of Hortica talks insurance challenges and value

In the bloom with MariaAs part of a Society of American Florists E-Brief series, editors recently spoke to Tim Noble, the new president of Hortica. In the article “New Hortica Head Talks Challenges, Opportunities” by Mary Westbrook, editors asked him about what he’s learned during his first few months on the job—including the key opportunities he sees for Hortica and the misconceptions about insurance.

Noble says he’s found his team recognizes that Hortica is part of the horticultural industry and that when customers are successful, the company is successful. He points to one way Hortica helps customers is by scheduling insurance payments that take into consideration a cyclical business season that experiences busy and slower periods.

Noble would like to clear up one misconception about insurance: “Price isn’t always king.” Noble points out it’s important for people to understand the true value of the insurance they’re buying—including the service and claims expertise that comes with it. He wants customers to understand that when something unexpected happens, they need to be sure their insurance company is ready to step up and help.

Hortica retail sales specialist Maria Shepherd says when it comes to buying insurance for your shop or studio, you should ask yourself a couple of questions: Do you know the value of what you’re buying? Does your broker, carrier, and your insurer’s claims department understand the seasonal differences between Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Christmas compared to the rest of the year?

To avoid issues, make certain your business income coverage, personal property limits, and delivery vehicle usages reflect your peak floral holiday seasons. If you have any questions about protecting your business, talk with a Hortica specialist. We’re happy to help.

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