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In The Bloom with Maria: Helpful hints to manage the busy spring floral season

In The Bloom with MarinaWe are just coming out of the holiday season, but in reality, the “holiday rush” for the floral industry is underway. The first few months of the new year include Valentine’s Day, Easter, Administrative Professionals Day, and Mother’s Day—some of which are monster sales events for the floral industry.

With all of this added activity, it’s time to start planning now for the additional traffic. Make sure your business has safety measures in place, and think about mixing up how you do business.

Grab-and-go stations

In the September 2016, issue of Floral Management, produced by the Society of American Florists, there is an article titled “Holiday help, fast” that provides tips on how to handle the holiday crunch.

The first idea is the concept of “grab-and-go” stations. Think of this way: Customers, usually men, want something they can quickly grab, pay for, and leave with. They don’t want to select individual flowers for an arrangement or do any type of mixing-and-matching. Make the grab-and-go area like buying milk at a gas station—pick one, pay for it, and be done.

Try different places in your shop to try out this station. Look for the best location in terms of customer flow and accessibility for the fast shopper who doesn’t want to have to go from one end of the shop to the other to select something.

Mix up staff roles

With the added business during this holiday rush, it’s a good idea to have your staff revisit some roles they may have become unfamiliar with. While many employees may specialize in certain roles, it’s a good idea that everyone is familiar with multiple roles—and can fill those roles as needed throughout the day.

Start training early, and have employees try the different jobs before the busiest days so the transition will be easy to make.

Think safety

As you make plans for the spring holiday sales rush, safety is another key component to keep in mind in regard to customers and employees. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Dry is desired: If you have a customer self-serve area, keep the floor dry. Flowers pulled from water buckets, or those with attached water tubes, might spill or leak onto the floor.
  • Warning signs are key: Post signs above arrangements in areas like walk-in coolers, where low-slung glass display shelving and lighting can cause injuries.
  • Steady is safe: When planning for holiday vignettes/displays, pay special attention to decorations that can topple over or may be unsafe and within the reach of children.
  • Safety is No. 1: When hiring seasonal staff, safety tips should be given to new hires and refreshed for rehires. This is especially true regarding lifting heavy buckets, driving under time constraints, and handling floral knives, among other tasks.

Need more tips for the shop? Be sure to check out our resources page, and never hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions.