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The success of the green industry depends on member support

Ask anyone who works in the horticultural industry and they’ll tell you the importance of its members’ support. Business contributions help fund research, government relations, educational scholarships, industry education programs, and innovative solutions to industry concerns. These activities directly improve the profitability and development of horticultural industry businesses and organizations.

At Hortica, we realize the importance of the horticulture industry and work to insure it—including greenhouse growers, nurseries, garden centers, retail florists, wholesale floral distributors, landscape and lawn care professionals, interior plantscapers, and sod farms. A substantial amount of our resources is used to support the horticultural industry, and we’re proud to be affiliated with many national and state associations, including:

A testament to Hortica’s knowledge and dedication can be seen in this video. Learn more about the difference industry support makes, what you can do to help, and how it can benefit others and you.

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