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Why you should consider GPS tracking for your business fleet

GPS TrackingAs a business owner, you’re always looking at your bottom line. A general rule in business is that you need to spend money to make money. It’s why you should always look ahead when it comes to the needs of your business.

When that investment can also lead to a safer environment for your business, it makes even more sense.

One area you might want to look into—if you haven’t already—is adding a GPS tracking system to your business vehicles. GPS tracking isn’t just for large businesses. Small businesses can benefit from their use as well. Here are some advantages of having a GPS tracking system in place for business vehicles from three different perspectives.

Business owner advantage

We’ve already alluded to the biggest reason business owners might want to use a GPS tracking system with their fleet—to save money. And this is done in numerous ways, from using less resources to saving money on inventory.

Here are some of the ways business owners can benefit financially with GPS tracking systems:

  • Reduction in fuel costs: Better route planning through a GPS system means less fuel usage. You can also monitor a vehicle’s idling time and unauthorized use of vehicles and route deviation.
  • Reduction in accidents: GPS tracking systems help reduce driving time and increase driver accountability. Less time on the road and more attention to detail leads to fewer incidents.
  • Reduction in insurance rates: This depends on the insurance company, but some offer discounts when GPS tracking devices are utilized.
  • Reduction in loss by theft: With GPS tracking, you know where your vehicles are at all times—even if they are stolen.
  • Reduction in overtime pay: Better planning, better routes, and better driving habits means less time on the road.
  • Reduction in paperwork: No need to keep logs of driver hours, fuel mileage, road maps, etc. GPS systems can keep track of all of that for you.
  • Reduction in missed problems: Set parameters on GPS systems for things like maintenance schedules or planned routes, and be notified immediately if something is amiss.

Driver advantages

GPS tracking systems don’t just benefit business owners. Drivers need to be made aware of how such technology can aid them in doing their jobs. Some advantages are:

  • Improved safety: With drivers being held more accountable, driving habits improve.
  • Improved routes: Plan a route ahead of time to avoid things such as construction and congestion.
  • Improved effectiveness: When you drive more safely and take advised routes, the entire delivery process improves.
  • Improved maintenance planning: Drivers can gauge fuel use, mileage, road use, and more—then plan a maintenance schedule accordingly—all through an automated system.
  • Improved pay: Depending on the business, safe driving can lead to a bigger paycheck.


Not to be lost in the decision to add GPS tracking systems is the impact on the customer. Here are ways your customers can benefit with a GPS system in place:

  • Added customer service: On time, all the time. Not only will delivery times improve, but you can monitor where your vehicles are at and assign new deliveries on the fly.
  • Added quality: Safer driving means a safer environment for your inventory.
  • Added capacity: Better planning saves time and money that can be used elsewhere in your business, including the capacity to make more deliveries.

All of these factors can help in the bottom line of your business. Better business operation leads to happier customers, more deliveries, and more money.

There are numerous options out there regarding GPS tracking systems, including those suited for fleets of different sizes. Some companies can even provide a cost-savings estimate with the use of their products based on your needs.

Do your research, and always get in touch with your Hortica agent for any questions. They are always ready to help.

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