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Making the Most Out Of Exhibiting at Trade Shows

Trade shows provide an excellent opportunity to build relationships and make sales. If you are trying to reinforce your market position, enhance your company image, educate attendees about your products and services, capture sales leads, learn more about your customers and/or study the competition look into exhibiting at trade shows. They provide the opportunity to interact with others including potential customers, existing customers and vendors that have similar interests as you.

Choose the right shows. To some, it might seem like attending each and every trade show is beneficial; however, you want to make sure that you are choosing the right ones for your business. The trade shows you exhibit should be relevant to your company and provide you with the opportunity to get a return on investment. Take the time to research and learn which shows your potential customers will be in attending.

Be Prepared. Keep track of the shows that you want to attend and register on time. Many have deadline dates for exhibiting and waiting lists for booth space. Give your booth staff ample time to prepare and determine the necessary materials to take to the show. Do some pre-show marketing by inviting prospective customers to visit your booth via pre-show mailers, emails and social media sites as an effort to generate additional booth traffic and ultimately sales leads.

Interact with show attendees. Engaging show attendees with examples of your product, a quick video of your services, some type of interactive game/contest or a unique giveaway may attract them to your booth. These are easy ways to break the ice with potential customers, as well as gain their contact information. Be sure to follow-up with them after the show.

Having your business present at trade shows can be extremely beneficial. These tips may help you attract new customers, retain current customers and make the most out of your trade show experience!

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