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An employee handbook may help protect your business. Our EPLI coverage can guide you in creating one.

Woman working in greenhouseEmployment issues are something every business owner worries about. Charges of wrongful termination, unfair hiring practices, sexual harassment, or racial discrimination are just some of the concerns. One of the best ways to try and limit your potential exposure is to prepare an employee handbook that educates workers about your company’s culture.

Creating a handbook doesn’t have to be a challenge. Hortica offers employment-related practices insurance (EPLI) coverage. As part of our program, you receive access to a state-specific employee handbook building tool that helps guide you through some must-have topics, including:

  • Welcome message: Include your mission, values or code of honor, and expected employee behaviors.
  • Workplace policies: Share company-specific information like dress code, attendance, standards of conduct, and social media guidelines.
  • Workplace conduct: Detail topics like ethics, harassment, and violence in the workplace.
  • Workplace safety: Include workers’ compensation and safety guidelines.
  • Employment policies: Specify policies on employment-at-will and equal employment opportunity.
  • Benefits: Showcase what benefits you offer, like a 401(k) retirement plan and time off.

Added benefits of EPLI coverage

In addition to advice on creating an employee handbook, EPLI coverage helps protect your business against covered work-related wrongful acts, such as:

  • Discrimination based on age, gender, or other factors
  • Harassment
  • Failure to employ or promote
  • Retaliation
  • Wrongful termination

And thanks to the association Hortica has with Enquiron® for this coverage, employers across the country have added value to their policy with several services, including:

  • Direct access to employment law attorneys to receive confidential, documented responses to your organization’s specific questions
  • Live and recorded topical webinars, many with continuing education credits for human resources personnel
  • Proactive regulatory updates based on your selected preferences
  • A state-specific employee handbook building tool
  • Online sexual harassment prevention training, along with other topics, for supervisors and employees

You can learn more about EPLI on the Hortica website and our connection with Enquiron. If you have any liability questions when it comes to your business or workforce, talk with one of our Hortica insurance specialists. They’re ready to provide some answers.

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