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Make sure your insurance covers the risks of using chemicals

Spraying chemicals in a greenhouseIn the horticultural industry, they’re as common as plants and dirt—pesticides, herbicides, and other chemicals. Odds are you and your workers come into contact with them on a regular basis. That’s why it’s important you review your insurance to make sure you’re covered for any risks you might encounter. It’s especially important for:



  • Landscape contractors
  • Lawn maintenance firms
  • Garden centers
  • Greenhouse growers
  • Nurseries
  • Landscape design firms
  • Horticultural consultants

The most common exposures your business faces from chemical applications are property damage and bodily injury. Risks range from spraying pesticides or herbicides that cause damage to plants you were hired to spray or from overspray on other crops, to damages resulting from the transportation of chemicals by equipment or other vehicles. Leaking storage tanks and improper application recommendations are also concerns that need to be addressed.

Insurance can help protect you from these exposures. Available policy endorsements include those for chemical application, exceptions to exclusions for farm chemicals, and errors and omissions coverage. Specialized liability insurance is also something to consider.

Sure, there will always be a need for pesticides and herbicides in your business. To make sure you’re properly protected in case something would happen, talk with a Hortica specialist to look at your current insurance coverage or design a safety program customized for you.

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