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In the Bloom with Maria: The changing trends in deliveries and adjusting your insurance to match.

In the bloom with MariaWe hear a lot about the development of self-driving vehicles. From cars to semi-trucks, automated travel is becoming more common on the roads. As Hortica Retail Sales Specialist Maria Shepherd discovered, it’s just one option shop and studio owners are looking at when it comes to the delivery of their products.

It’s something that could eventually come to the floral industry. Every year during peak holidays, many shops and studios rely on temporary drivers or help from temp agencies to make sure their floral arrangements arrive at their destinations on time. But when the list of quality drivers that have been vetted over the years starts to dwindle, more and more florists are taking an alternate route—using Uber and Lyft drivers to deliver their goods.

In a January 2018 Forbes article, author Kirsten Korosec looked at the efforts Ford is making in developing its self-driving vehicle program—which includes a pilot program with Domino’s Pizza. The latest efforts team the automaker with delivery service Postmates to see how self-driving vehicles may one day benefit businesses.

Whether it’s using a temporary driver now or a self-driving vehicle in the future, it raises a question about your business insurance that you’ll needed to consider: As floral delivery models continue to change, do you know who is liable for what under which scenario?

The best advice is to talk with your Hortica representative for a review of your policies and coverages. They’ll be happy to sit down with you and make sure you have the protection you need.


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