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Key Partner: AmericanHort helps promote the horticultural industry with lawmakers

Flowers in front of capital buildingAmericanHort is an association that represents the entire horticultural industry. Their goal is to serve all parts of the industry market chain—from plant breeders and florists to greenhouse and nursery growers, and students to educators. According to their website, that wide focus makes them the largest group of their kind for garden retailers in the world.

One of the key purposes of the organization is providing members with the knowledge, information, and resources they need to make their horticultural businesses successful through programs and member education. With an online knowledge center, live events, and webinars, the organization promotes professional advancement for those working in the industry.

But it’s not just local businesses that AmericanHort focuses on. Members understand that the horticultural industry operates globally. To make sure domestic and international horticultural concerns are addressed, the group works to educate lawmakers about the impact their legislation may have on the industry.

Impact Washington: The Summit

This September 16–18, AmericanHort will sponsor Impact Washington: The Summit, an advocacy program where green industry business owners and leaders can talk with lawmakers in Washington, D.C. It’s an opportunity for landscapers, plant growers, garden retailers, and green industry representatives to personally and collectively advocate for decisions that will help maintain the growth of the $196 billion horticultural industry.

During the summit, participants will hear from elected leaders, their staff, and other policy experts on issues that impact the success of the green industry business. Legislative and regulatory priorities will center around workforce and transportation issues, research funding and implementation, environmental regulation, and horticultural trade and marketplace issues. These issues are of critical importance to horticultural businesses across the nation. Attendees will share their experiences directly with policymakers, providing real-world context in hopes of influencing decisions.

Hortica’s Traci Dooley and Tim Noble will be at the Impact Washington summit. For more information about AmericanHort or to become a member, check out their website.

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If you’d like to find more horticultural events across the country, check out our Industry Events page. Attend one near you and learn new methods, get educated on new technologies, and meet your peers in the industry. You’ll find many benefits for your business now and in the future.

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