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Hortica has been on a 60-year journey with Baisch & Skinner

Founded on Florist Row in St. Louis, Baisch & Skinner Wholesale Distributor services the heart of America—and Hortica has been by their side for more than 60 years. President John Baisch says Hortica’s support allows him to focus on business first and foremost.

Hortica is a solid industry resource for Oregon Flowers

Oregon Flowers owner Martin Meskers trusts Hortica for our industry knowledge and more than a century of experience. Meskers primarily grows lilies and sells them to wholesale florists throughout the country. Just as their customers rely on them 52 weeks out of the year, Oregon Flowers relies on us.

Read what other Hortica customers have to say

“Besides my usual praise of Wende Rettle (who is the best!!), Elsie Jackson has been handling our workers comp claims and she is amazing! She is patient, kind, knowledgeable, and fought hard for us and got us better results than we anticipated!!! Dawn Marlow was a huge help too… your team out there is just A++ and everyone we deal with is great. Thanks again for all you do!”
GroundsCare Landscape LLC

“Thanks, Linda! You are always on top of your game! You are always there for us with an answer for our questions…thanks so much for all you do, you are simply the best!”
Very Appreciative,
Krista & Tonya
Lawns Done Right Inc

“Zach, I just wanted to thank you for letting Jill do the annual trainings and inspection. She is great at everything. I got a lot of positive feedback from the training. She does inspections like you do inspections. She doesn’t miss a thing! Her expertise is a real benefit to Conard-Pyle and I feel fortunate to be able to work with her and learn from her. Thanks again,”
Lori Burkhard
Star Roses & Plants Companies/Conard-Pyle

“We love Hortica. Kurt Penn our salesman has always been more than helpful along with all the staff. Hortica has always been there for us!!! We have been a customer for over 60 years.”
Kinsch Florist & Garden Center

“Hortica has provided Tagawa Greenhouses with reliable business protection – protection that other companies failed to give. During difficult times, our relationship with Hortica strengthened due to their prompt service and true understanding of our needs.”
Randy Tagawa, CEO
Tagawa Enterprises

Hortica Insurance & Employee Benefits has a reputation for exceptional customer service. Here’s what our clients have to say when asked if they would recommend Hortica to others:

“Their customer service is outstanding. All of the Agent Assistants I have dealt with have been just great and our Agent rep is very professional and capable.”

“Always easy to work with, provide all the necessary paperwork in a timely manner, always return my calls promptly, answer my questions thoroughly.”

“I have been insured by Hortica for 11yrs. I have made several claims. Hortica and employees of Hortica did everything possible to help when I needed them. That sets them apart from other Insurance Companies I have used before. They return calls promptly and answer any questions I have. You are able to talk to the same agent each time you call. (Not someone different each time you call about the same subject) I would recommend Hortica.”

“The staff is the best. Hortica stands behind its clients and is always professional.”

“I have already recommended Hortica to other companies in our area. We have been very happy with all aspects of Hortica. The speed in which Hortica responds to our needs or questions, the follow up, the flexibility and Steve & Linda have been great to work with. They truly work with us, making it a pleasure to call upon them. We are very happy.”

Hortica Insurance & Employee Benefits has a reputation for superior claims handling. Here’s what our clients have to say when asked what they like about doing business with us:

“Getting people up here to adjust and measure the loss, and getting people up here with checks in hand if we need to rebuild a structure, so I think the timeliness of their handling of losses is good.”

“Hortica’s claims department is excellent. They get people out into the field – they don’t wait for people to call them.”

“Service is mostly defined by loss control, but also claims management. That’s very important – to open a claim, defend us when appropriate and not just cave in because they’re worried about lawyer cost, and then closing the claim quickly.”

“There are things that are unique to our industry that having an understanding of it helps them to write better policies as well as handle claims. Hortica can evaluate claims in a much better fashion. In some cases, they might extend coverage where others might not. Especially when it comes to claims adjusting, they are able to understand the situation better and make a more informed evaluation – whether it’s a good risk or bad risk, whether a claim should be paid or not.”

“They have a very good service level in paying attention to their claims and recognizing the industry needs. I’m extremely satisfied with Hortica. We’ve had claims, and they’re very responsive. They are proactive in trying to mitigate damages.”