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During the late 1800s, a group of businessmen faced an overwhelming problem unique to their industry. They needed to protect their glass greenhouses from the ravages of hail. Created to protect the investments of these businessmen, Florists’ Hail Association of America was founded on June 1, 1887 in New Jersey.

In 1927, the Company was moved to Edwardsville, Illinois and reincorporation of the company was completed in 1940. Florists’ Hail was authorized to write all forms of fire, windstorm, and allied lines of business insurance.

In 1955, Florists’ Hail Association of America changed its name to Florists’ Mutual Insurance Company. The company became, and remains, a mutual company owned by its policyholders. The Board of Directors consists primarily of horticultural industry leaders throughout the United States.

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During the next 45 years, Florists’ Mutual’s operations were substantially expanded. Florists’ Mutual created an independent agency/brokerage division to develop relationships with a wide variety of insurance companies through which the company began providing employee benefits and personal benefits. With the addition of these offerings, customers gained the benefit of “one-stop insurance shopping” with a trusted industry partner.

In the fall of 2001, Florists’ Mutual Insurance Company began operating as Hortica and moved into a new corporate facility in Edwardsville, Illinois. The new name is symbolic of the company’s expansion and the fact that customers nationwide are served in every area of the horticultural industry.

In the spring of 2015, Hortica Insurance & Employee Benefits entered in to an affiliation agreement with Sentry Insurance. The affiliation enhances Hortica’s mission of being the horticultural industry’s leading insurance expert, as well as providing additional services and opportunities for Hortica and its policyholders. As a member of Sentry Insurance Group, Hortica retains its name and brand, and continues to operate from the corporate facility in Edwardsville, Illinois.

Today, Hortica is still the horticulture industry advocate that is a trusted partner for all business insurance and employee benefits. Hortica employees are insurance professionals who understand the unique risks and needs of horticultural industry businesses.

Hortica has grown considerably since those early days of protecting greenhouses from hail losses. For well over a century, the Company’s focus and dedication to provide specialized business insurance to garden centers, nurseries, retail florists, wholesale floral distributors, greenhouse growers, landscape contractors and interior plantscapers has never wavered.