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Hortica Mourns Loss of Chairman

Directors, officers and employees of Hortica Insurance & Employee Benefits join with our customers and friends across the country to mourn the tragic death of Chairman Todd Bachman in Beijing, China.

Mr. Bachman was chairman and CEO of Minneapolis-based Bachman’s, Inc. floral gift and garden centers. He joined Hortica’s board in 1996 and was elected chairman of the board in February 2008. He was frequently in Edwardsville and was planning to attend the next regularly scheduled board meeting later this month.

Hortica President and CEO Mona B. Haberer said “Todd was a trusted friend and mentor whose wise counsel was always accessible. People were naturally attracted to his quiet, unassuming manner and ready smile. The fact that his irreplaceable leadership has been extinguished is difficult to comprehend for all of those who knew him. We extend our deepest sympathies to Todd’s wife Barbara and their family, as well as the family of Bachman employees who are so profoundly touched by this devastating loss. Our prayers are for a full and complete recovery for Barbara and the Chinese guide, who were also injured.”

The August board of directors meeting of Hortica will proceed as scheduled. Any changes in board leadership will be announced immediately following that meeting.