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What Are Your Employees Really Up To On The Internet?

jkklkThe Internet is a very important tool for your business. Most companies use it for multiple purposes: advertising, communication, entertainment, recruitment, researching, selling—you name it! When you consider how important these functions are, you need to make sure that the Internet is highly available but not being used for purposes that are counterproductive in your workplace. Making yourself aware of what your employees are doing online is essential for any business with an Internet connection. Here are a few options to help keep your computers virus-free and your business’ professionalism intact.

Set an Internet usage policy.  Establish a solid acceptable use policy that outlines what employees can and cannot do online or with company e-mail and resources. Policies must be enforced to discourage activities like excessive personal emailing and social networking. Most workers say that if they know what is allowed and what is not, they will be more likely to adhere to those guidelines.

Filtering or monitoring software. There is plenty of software on the market that can filter and monitor your business’ network.  Filters block inappropriate sites and prevent users from sending or receiving files that can jeopardize your business, while not affecting those needed for work.  And monitoring software records and monitors your employee’s activities and provides you on-site and remote access to employee’s activities.  These option are not a fan favorite among employees and if put in place, employees must be notified.

Be more visible. Make it a priority for management to be around more frequently and involved with day-to-day functions.  It’s not necessary to look over shoulders. The mere presence of management is a deterrent to online time wasting.

While a certain degree of personal online usage may be perfectly okay, the goal here is to stop employees who waste time online and to prevent employees from accessing damaging online content.  A well thought-out plan can help you enjoy the benefits of the internet while reducing the pitfalls and sets up procedures to minimize risks.

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