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Tips for Getting More Customers into Your Floral Shop

Tips for Getting More Customers into Your Floral Shop

Like any business owner, you want to serve as many customers as you can. You know your quality service will keep them coming back – but the trick is getting them in the door in the first place.

There are some simple things you can do to set your flower shop apart from the others to get the foot traffic moving.

Workshops. The popular thing right now comes down to three words – Do It Yourself. So, give your customers the chance to become their own DIY floral designer. Offering different workshops under your professional care can bring the curious in. After that positive experience, chances are they’ll return – and maybe bring friends! To make sure everyone knows what you’re planning and when, keep a schedule on all social media accounts and make posts before each event to remind people.

Weekly specials. Consider offering a special on a specific flower on the same weekday. Promote it on all social media accounts and send emails out to your customers with a photo of the flower on sale and a detailed description. But you have to stick with it. That’ll allow your current customers to look forward to future specials and will hopefully get them to tell their family and friends.

Window displays. But it’s not just about social media and emails – don’t forget about your shop. Odds are you have a nice big window or display area out front. Use it. Having an attractive floral display by the door is like an invitation to come in. Potential customers will stop in if you catch their eye and spark their curiosity with a creative and well-designed display.

These are just some of the ways you can get the attention of new customers so they come in and, hopefully, return again.

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