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Tips for Getting Back into Work Mode after the Holidays

fghThe thought of returning to work after a vacation filled with family time, gifts and good food can be a bit daunting. The last thing you want to think about is coming into work to deal with an inbox full of emails. Don’t worry though; there are several tips and tricks for this situation. Here is some helpful advice you and your employees can use to get back into work mode after a long holiday vacation.

Try to start early. We know this might sound crazy because again, you don’t even want to think about going back to work, but doing this could make the transition from holiday break a little less stressful. By arriving a little bit early you have the opportunity to get things done without the distraction that your coworkers may bring and it allows you to get a head start on the 500 emails awaiting your reply. So come in a little early, it will benefit you in the long run.

Do the simple things first. Starting your first day back with easier tasks will help you gain the momentum to get everything done. Go through your email and remove all the ones that require no work on your part. If the subject line suggests that you may have to do something, go ahead and set that email aside for now. Clear all of the clutter off of your desk providing you with a neat and tidy work environment to get back into the swing of things!

Make a list.  Dive into those emails you had set aside earlier. Each time you find something that you need to do, write it down on a piece of paper creating a to-do list for yourself. Now you have no unread emails and everything that you need to accomplish is written down right in front of you. This makes it easier to check things off as you get them done while only focusing on one task at a time.

Don’t let the thought of returning to work after the holidays overwhelm you. Try to start early, complete the simple tasks first, and make yourself a to-do list. Following these tips will bring you back into work mode without all of the stress that comes with it!

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