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The Top Floral Industry Trends to Look For In 2016

jk.ljklFloral trends are constantly changing. What was popular last year may not be as in demand this year. There are many predictions of what will be trending this season from types of flowers and colors to design styles that can reflect the personality of each customer. According to the Flower Trends Forecast, here are four flower decorating trends you should be aware for the 2016 season.

Lavish.  Designs that appear to be made of cut flowers from the garden are in demand. These garden-style flowers paired with berries and greens provide an abundance of textures and may include contrasting shades of reds, pinks and purples. Together these features create a sophisticated and romantic design that will stand out from the rest when arranged in brushed gold metal, rustic wood or vintage-style containers.

Lustre.  Adding metallic materials to any design will give it that touch of sparkle and elegance. Using gold, silver, copper, platinum, bronze, or rose gold containers, along with a mix of staple stock and premium flowers in white or ivory, will create a more formal look and feel.

Festival.  Flowers with deep colors and natural textures will please customers this coming season. This colorful floral design is inspired by bohemian influences and may include bright yellow sunflowers, dark blue delphinium, orange gerbera daisies and bright red roses. The container has a more organic look and is made from rattan, beads, yarn, wool, pottery, bright ceramics or glass.

Sorbet.   A combination of pastel flowers with bright geometric accents will create a lively vibe in this design. Textured containers made of colorful ceramic, clear glass, cement, wood or natural cork will help achieve this clean, modern style.

The floral industry is always evolving and keeping up with the latest trends can be tough. It appears in 2016 Lavish, Lustre, Festival, and Sorbet will be the most popular choices for consumers. Don’t let your shop fall behind on what is in demand. Stay up to date with all of the popular floral options and be sure your store is stocked and ready to provide your customers with the best products this year!

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