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Save money, time, and inventory by installing security cameras

Security CameraSurveillance systems, or security cameras as they are more commonly known, are part of the décor at many retail outlets and other types of businesses. Do you have any on your business property?

If the answer is no, you might want to reconsider. Security cameras offer many benefits, which we’ll outline below, and can provide a sense of comfort for you and your staff.

Benefits of security cameras

What’s the main purpose of a security camera? To keep an eye on things when you can’t, right? In many instances, if someone or something is watching, that alone can deter others from stealing, vandalizing, or damaging property right from the start.

Security camera footage is a vital tool when it comes to identifying suspects of crimes and/or recording criminal activities—inside or outside of your business. The footage can be used as evidence for police and your insurance provider.

Security cameras are excellent aides in keeping an eye on your business, but here are some other benefits to consider:

  • Improved employee productivity: While keeping your eye on threats, you can also keep an eye on employees. This allows you to address issues as needed, from employee theft to productivity problems.
  • Cost-saving measure: Security cameras serve as a cheaper alternative to security personnel, and can lead to cheaper insurance rates by reducing your losses and maybe by simply installing them.
  • 24-hour surveillance: Keeps tabs on your property every minute of every day. Record now and view later—no matter your preference, you won’t miss any potential problems.
  • Fraud Prevention: Providing evidence of what actually happened when a person claims they fell or somehow got hurt while on your property and are now making a claim for injuries. Juries give significant weight to video evidence in reaching a decision on fault and responsibility for damages.

Staff accountability

While we believe we’ve hired a trustworthy staff that works hard, sometimes that isn’t the case. But keeping an eye on your employees with security cameras is about more than just making sure they don’t exceed their break times.

Cameras can also catch instances of theft and worker compensation fraud. Actual footage replaces what someone claims to have happened. It also monitors if staff were acting recklessly when an incident happens at work. Again, just knowing there is a security camera can reduce fraudulent acts from the start. Turning the tables, a security camera can also show an employer’s need to address a situation that is potentially leading to workers’ compensation claims.

Keep your employees apprised of the use of security cameras at the workplace. Let them know where they are located and the purpose behind them. In some instances, it’s required to post signs stating an area is under video surveillance.

And be sure to follow privacy laws, such as cameras not being allowed in areas such as restrooms and locker rooms.

Security camera features

A security camera isn’t the obnoxious red light blinking telescope in the corner any more. You can get as fancy as you want with your surveillance system. Some features available today include:

  • Motion-activation
  • Night vision
  • Sound recording capabilities
  • Remote access

The best security camera for you will depend on where and when you plan to use it. Remember, before purchasing a surveillance system, do your homework. A good, reputable security company will look at all the risks associated with your business and deliver the right solution that meets your specific needs.

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