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Explaining risk management and how we can help you save money

GreenhouseAt Hortica, one of our primary concerns is risk management for businesses, specific to those in the horticultural industry. We’ve been providing these services since 1887, and we are the only U.S. insurance brand solely dedicated to greenhouse growers, nurseries, garden centers, interior plantscapers, retail florists, wholesale floral distributors, sod farms, and landscape and lawn care professionals.

What is risk management?

According to John Hodapp, director of agency operations for Hortica, risk management is the process people use to identify, assess, prioritize, and deal with risks. In addition, risk management involves the steps that need to be taken to minimize risks. For Hortica, our goal of risk management is to reduce the frequency and severity of losses for businesses in the green industry.

Why is risk management important in this industry?

The horticultural industry is unique, and with that comes unique risks. We work with perishable products that involve wet environments and electrical components. The risks are evident in just those three areas. Now add in other risks such as driving, lifting heavy objects, heavy equipment operation, and use of chemicals, just to name a few. There are many areas that need special attention, preparation, and proper procedures to remain safe.

It’s hard to keep track of everything, and that’s where we come in—with assistance, training materials, and online resources to aid you and your workplace in creating a safer, more efficient, and, in turn, more profitable business.

Putting risk management into practice

As outlined in our Loss Control & Safety Program, we offer many different risk management practices, from customer training programs and video loan programs, to Tailgate Training and posters.

Some of our big initiatives include:

  • Onsite-consultation services: We help develop a workplace injury and accident plan, while identifying potential loss causes and actions to minimize them.
  • On-site thermographic inspections: Through thermal imaging, we identify exceptions or anomalies that may result in fire or damage claims.
  • Assistance in conducting employee safety training: Here, the focus is on forklift safety; safe lifting; auto safety training; chemical safety; and prevention of slips, trips, and falls.
  • Training materials: Among the materials we provide are safety checklists, safety quizzes, safety labels, and safety program templates.
  • Customized training and safety programs: We can design a program to meet your company’s specific loss control or safety needs.
  • Review of existing safety programs: Do you have a program in place? We’ll review it and make recommendations.
  • Annual claims analysis: We’ll review claims that have taken place at your business, and demonstrate how proactive measures might have reduced the number of incidents.

We also offer several online resources in our Tailgate Training section of the website, available in English and Spanish. You do need to be a Hortica member to access this information. If you have not signed on to become a Hortica member and would like to, please contact us.

Risk management helps prevent injuries for customers and staff, aids in protecting your assets, and saves you money, including keeping your insurance costs down.

For more information on risk management, contact your Hortica agent. And you can listen to the full What, Why, and How of Risk Management podcast, produced in conjunction with GIE Media.