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In The Bloom with Maria: Use caution with trendy overhead floral arrangements

If you want to know one of the latest trends in the floral industry, just look up above you at one of the next weddings you attend. Whether at the ceremony itself or as part of the decorations during the reception, overhead floral arrangements are the hot ticket in wedding design. (Check out the weddings section from a recent Society of American Florists newsletter)

Obviously, flowers have played an integral part in wedding decorations, but they are getting an added boost with this new trend. Flowers aren’t just for tabletops anymore.

Some examples of overhead floral arrangements include floral chandeliers—suspended over the wedding party table or the dance floor—and greenery spanning the length of the head table.

There is a lot more planning and preparation to hanging flowers or greenery from a ceiling rather than a loose arrangement in a vase. Overhead installments present a variety of different logistics that could go wrong with such an arrangement.

Things to keep in mind
In recent years, upside down Christmas trees have become very popular. Trees are typically heavy, whether upright or hung upside down, and this would presumably be an automatic concern when being secured overhead. When dealing with trees, especially those hung above the wedding party and guests, care is needed in making certain they won’t come tumbling down.

But never underestimate the weight of flowers, especially if water is required to keep them looking fresh for the duration of the festivities. In addition, many overhead floral arrangements need some type of structure aside from simple wire to keep everything in place, adding to the weight of the display. The same concerns you have for hanging trees should be applied to overhead floral arrangements.

Check with the staff of the building where you want to display the arrangement to make sure the structure can support such a display in the area where you want to hang it, or even if they allow such practices in the first place.

Safety must be a concern for guests when planning this type of floral décor to avoid injury and liability issues. Secure, secure, and then secure the display some more.

Additionally, venues that require proof of insurance may require additional insurance waivers for this type of floral installment that could impact your profit margin for the event.

If you find overhead floral arrangements are becoming a bigger part of your business and have questions when it comes to your policy and if you have the right type of coverage, get in touch with your Hortica agent. We can answer your questions and get you moving in offering trend-setting designs with confidence.