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In The Bloom With Maria: Bridal Contract I Do’s

MariaWhen it comes to hosting a large event such as a wedding, just about all the outside vendors involved are going to require brides to sign a contract. Whether it’s the venue, caterer or the DJ, a deposit and a signature will come before any planning or decision making takes place. Bridal contracts are extremely important because they are legal agreements that explicitly state the terms and conditions of the work to be done, keeping misunderstandings to a minimum. Florists however, are among the few businesses that don’t always require brides to complete a contract.  Hortica Retail Sales Specialist, Maria Shepherd, shares with us the importance of protecting your floral business with bridal contracts and what you may want to include in them.

Client information.  This information should be as detailed as possible and of course include the client’s full name, address and contact information plus, an alternate contact that you could reach out to the day of the wedding in case there are last minute questions.

Product description. Outline the type and description of the floral products and services you will be supplying for the wedding, including as many details as possible. Even consider adding a stipulation that if the client needs to make changes or acquire additional services after the original contract is signed, that a mandatory addendum be issued.

Date, time and location of the event.  Requiring brides to fill out contracts will help avoid the issue of being late or lost when delivering arrangements.  With a clearly spelled out time and location, there will be no confusion the day of the event.

Cancelation policy.   It’s sad to think about it, but sometimes weddings do get cancelled. And as a vendor, it’s unfair for you to not receive compensation for the work you put in so far.  That’s why it’s important to draft a clause related to cancellation and how much notice the client must give before canceling the event, how much money is non-refundable, and when you must receive notice of cancellation by.

Payment Policy.  A well-crafted payment policy will prevent customers from being surprised about their financial obligation when they receive your services. It may also give your business some legal protection should a customer fail to pay what you are entitled to collect.

Surprises and unforeseen events are always a possibility when it comes to weddings, but a solid bridal contract can help neutralize any potential problems that could arise. If you already regularly use bridal written agreements, great job!  If not, with the above mentioned guidelines in mind, you should now have the basics of what to include in yours!

This content is provided for informational purposes only and not intended to take the place of obtaining professional legal advice. You should contact your attorney to obtain advice with respect to any particular contractual issue or problem.

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