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How “Miracle on 34th Street” Can Change Your Business This Year


Miracle on 34th Street includes many lessons for businesses that may be over looked while watching the film. There are many principles shown in this timeless movie that could assist you in not only your personal life, but your business as well.

Don’t let employees show up drunk on the job.  Not only can being intoxicated on the job call for termination of employment, it can also cause a Work Comp claim if an employee trips over their  own two feet! On any given day, staff can slip and fall on water, or fall over something while not watching where they are walking but their chances of doing so increase exponentially if they are under the influence.

Be careful not to fire an employee the customers actually love. Firing an employee without a justifiable reason is ethically wrong and can also lead to an Employer’s Practices Liability claim for wrongful termination. To prevent employee lawsuits, educate your managers and employees on employment practices liability claims and insurance so that you minimize problems in the first place.

Word-of-mouth marketing is extremely powerful. Be cautious in making extreme Advertising Liability claims like, ‘Our flowers will last all year!’. Overpromising can cause your business to be hit with lawsuits that could have been avoided had things been worded differently. Be honest and make sure that what you are advertising will always be true to your company.

Good employees with passion make all the difference for your company. A happy staff usually means low turnover and less Property, Liability, Auto and Work Comp claims. If possible, keep your employees happy this year with incentives and good benefits to avoid other issues from arising. Good employees equal a happy business owner!

Authenticity equals a born salesman. Insurance agents are typically lumped into the same honesty category as used car salesman but we are not all created equal and thankfully, neither are all florists! Show your customers that all of your employees are  trustworthy and experts in your field. Being understanding of their desires and adopting them yourself will make a huge difference in your business.

“Faith is believing in things when common sense tells you not to.”  Keep believing and make 2016 your best year yet, both personally and professionally! Happy New Year Florist Friends and ITB Readers!