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10 Things You Should Do When Giving Employee Feedback

Giving Employee Feedback

As a business owner, you want to make sure you have the best employees providing the best service to your customers. But your workers need something from you, too—feedback on how they’re doing their job. The way you provide feedback is just as important as what you say. Here at Hortica, we found 10 ways to make your words powerful while avoiding the negative:

  1. Don’t get loud: You may feel yelling is the best way to gain the attention of the employee you are speaking with. Turns out it’s the fastest way to make someone defensive.
  2. Keep your emotions out of it: Even if your employee really messed up, don’t approach them while you’re still upset. Giving yourself time to calm down before giving them feedback will help you get your point across.
  3. Avoid stressing just the negative: We don’t mean that you should never deliver negative feedback to your worker. But don’t forget to say something positive, too. Let them know there are aspects of their job performance you think are being done well.
  4. Don’t compare them to other employees: Comparing one employee to another is one sure way to create friction in the workplace. When speaking to a staff member, your focus should be strictly on their performance.
  5. Avoid giving feedback in public: If you see an employee doing something incorrectly or something you don’t approve of and it’s serious enough, you may have correct them right then and there. But if it can wait, save your critique for a time when the two of you can speak privately to discuss the issue.
  6. Stay on topic: When giving feedback—positive or negative—stay focused and on topic. Don’t become distracted with other things going on. Let them know that they have your full attention and that they are important to you.
  7. Be genuine: Positive or negative, it’s important for your feedback to be genuine. Saying things that are over the top or seem unnatural could make your employee take you less seriously.
  8. Avoid being funny: Sometimes in uncomfortable situations, it’s a person’s natural reaction to laugh. So, when giving feedback, make a conscious effort to stay serious without being funny.
  9. Don’t make things up: This might seem like a no brainer, but always be sure that your feedback is honest and can be backed up with facts. Don’t create something to say just to give someone positive or negative feedback.
  10. Don’t forget important things: The last thing you want to do is forget the important things when giving an employee feedback. Make a list of all of the topics you want to cover. That way you won’t feel like you missed something later.

Feedback is one of the most important things a business owner or manager can give their workers. Be sure to get the most out of your employee reviews by following these 10 tips and make sure it’s an experience both of you will appreciate.

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