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In The Bloom with Maria: Extra Services May Require Extra Coverages

Spring is here and along with a new crop of flowers and plants comes the season for graduations and weddings. As Hortica Retail Sales Specialist Maria Shepherd found out, it’s no longer enough for florists and event designers to provide flowers and refer other vendors for the photos, and music. Now, people are looking for a party that reflects their personalities and interests.

In the article “Two-Ring Circus” from the March 2016 issue of “Floral Management” by the Society of American Florists, author Mary Westbrook checked into the trends that are now becoming popular and how florists can make sure they’re still part of the proceedings. It’s especially important since her research found the average wedding budget in 2014 ranged between $25-30,000. So, many florists have realized the more services they provide, the more they can make.

The first step is networking. Many florists find getting to know wedding planners personally is key to getting in on the good jobs. Industry experts say upwards of 52 percent of couples hire a planner for their big day. Your networking can be as simple as having coffee, lunch, or partnering on a small project for free. The goal is to get a foot in the door.

Weddings are no longer the traditional occasions we’re accustomed to. A personal and memorable wedding sometimes means it’ll be a weekend affair, with things like a welcome cocktail party before the ceremony and a send-off brunch the next day. Those are prime opportunities for florists to come in and help beyond flowers. Multiple events are a chance to show you can provide a different experience for guests at each. Experts say many families are relieved to learn you can do more for them than just the wedding.

Since wedding details are reflective of the couple—right down to the flowers in the bride’s bouquet—some florists are going so far as to create a side business to provide for unique requests. Cut-out silhouettes, custom dance floors, and chalkboard renderings are just some of the options being offered. Then there’s artistically written menus, custom pillows, and aisle runners. There are even some florists who provide tuxedo rentals. The options can be endless.

But all these changes in the wedding planning game may mean you need to change how you insure your business. As you include more services, possibly acting as a general multi service provider and add more inventory like props or rental items, you may need to include them on your policy. Talk to a Hortica specialist. We’ll sit down with you to review your business needs and discuss the insurance solutions that’ll make sure you’re protected.

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