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In The Bloom with Maria: Extra Space May Require Extra Coverage

It’s a challenge every business owner faces—how do you bring new customers into your store? With Mother’s Day fast approaching, some florists are giving in store special events a try. But as Hortica Retail Sales Specialist Maria Shepherd found out, doing something extra at your shop may mean you need extra insurance coverage.

The March 2016 issue of “Floral Management” from the Society of American Florists, highlights the efforts of a Phoenix florist who came up with a unique promotion for Valentine’s Day. Because the holiday fell on a Sunday in 2016 right in the middle of a long President’s Day weekend, he held a three-hour open house the day before and invited dads and daughters to visit. “The Daddy Daughter Valentine’s Day Experience” featured activities for kids like cookie decorating, the chance to learn about where flowers are grown and what some flowers symbolize. They could also get a keepsake photo and buy pre-made arrangements.

While the owner figures he broke even on the event, he hopes to profit from future business since customers are now familiar with his store. Also, as part of the promotion, staff asked visitors if they could be added to the store’s email list so they could tell them about upcoming events—like the next experience planned for Mother’s Day. The florist is also looking at similar programs for Halloween and Thanksgiving.

But these kind of events require extra planning, preparation and space. As you well know, floral shops generally don’t have the room to accommodate a couple hundred extra people—especially during busy times like Valentine’s Day. In this case, the florist was able to convince his landlord to let him rent an empty storefront a few doors down from his shop for the day.

Such arrangements aren’t uncommon in the floral industry. Overflow space is often utilized by florists and design studios. But spreading around inventory, equipment and staff to other locations often means you need to make an adjustment to your insurance coverage. Remember, seasonal overflow, event space and even storage areas may need to be included on your policy. If you’re using such spaces—or are planning to in the future—talk to a Hortica specialist. We’ll sit down with you to review your business needs and discuss the solutions that’ll make sure you’re protected.

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