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Keeping your drivers focused on their deliveries and not on their phones.

Distracted Driving

In the floral industry, two of the busiest delivery days are on the horizon—Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. Your delivery drivers face plenty of distractions while on their routes. Many of them can be eliminated or controlled. Cell phone use is one. It’s an issue you’ll want to address since an employee using a cell phone while on the road can be both a safety and liability issue for your business.


Driving down your risk exposure

Vehicle operations are the biggest liability exposure many businesses that offer delivery face, since you’re responsible for the actions of your employees while on the road—whether they’re driving your vehicle or their own vehicle on company business. An accident can have disastrous and direct financial consequences for you, as well as negative publicity for your shop.

Dial-up a cell phone policy

Cell phone use while driving has become such a concern, many states and local municipalities have passed or are considering laws prohibiting cell phone use while behind the wheel.

If you don’t have a cell phone policy in place, you could expose your company to lawsuits costing tens of millions of dollars. To illustrate the risks, the National Safety Council put together the video “Why every workplace needs a cell phone policy.”

And to help you create an electronic device policy, the Council also offers a free Safe Driving Kit. It contains:

  • Materials to use all year to reinforce company policies
  • Videos
  • Fact sheets and FAQs
  • Myth busters
  • Infographics
  • Posters
  • Survivor advocate stories
  • Activities to engage employees
  • Links to safe driving resources
  • Ready-made communications to educate employees

Hortica’s Loss Control and Safety Services team is here to help you put a cell phone policy and other safety policies in place. A specialist is waiting to have a conversation with you.

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