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Considering Surveillance Cameras for Your Business?

Security camera in grocery store, close-up

If you own or manage a business you know that protecting your employees and your assets is no laughing matter.  Surveillance cameras have gained immense popularity as an effective security measure for businesses.  This revolutionary equipment can be beneficial whether you’re experiencing problems related to theft, punctuality, intruders or productivity, your security camera can provide you with insight. If you are wondering if security cameras are the best solution for providing security to your place of business the reasons below will help you decide.

Features.  Security cameras come in many different shapes, have a variety of lenses and a wide range of uses.  Some cameras can pan, tilt and zoom for better coverage, while some have night vision and motion detection capabilities.  The best security camera for you will depend on where and when you plan to use it.

Costs.  A simple surveillance system should cost between $50 and $300, but the price goes up as you add more features and elements.  This is not a bad deal considering the potential dollar savings and peace of mind you will get in return. Depending on the kind of business you own, the savings from theft reduction alone can more than pay for system hardware and monitoring costs.

Privacy concerns. If surveillance cameras are installed in a workplace, the employer must inform employees of the location of the cameras and explain the purpose for which they are installed. When you require employees to acknowledge your surveillance policy, you may be saving yourself from legal challenges down the road.

Uses. Employers can protect their business assets by monitoring their workplace.  Recorded video footage of criminal activity can include things like shoplifting, vandalism, break-ins, and employee misconduct. This footage can be used to help identify and prosecute thieves.

Alternatives.  There are a number of alternatives to installing cameras in your place of business.  Having a physical security presence such as a police officer or security guard is a great theft deterrent and helps keep your employees feeling safe.  Another great alternative is installing an alarm system that could protect your business after hours.

Remember, before purchasing a surveillance system do your homework! A good reputable company will look at all the risks associated with your business and deliver the right solution that meets your specific needs.

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